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Group Show

The Group Show consists of 16 poems, poet Karen Eckert gave out to 16 established artists, and asked them to use the poem as inspiration for a new work of art, sharing the same title.  In addition, the artists gave a work of art to Karen and she used each as inspiration for a new poem, again sharing the same title.

All 32 poems and 32 artworks will be visible at the group show.

October 8th 2019 to November 1st 2019

Buffalo Arts Studios

Tri-Main Center

2495 Main Street, Suite 500

Buffalo, NY

Example of the Poetry - Art Pairing

“That Moment”

by Karen Eckert

An overgrown moss clinging,
To my sturdy trunk.
Moving in shadows
Crossing over guards
Standing watch
Slipping through fences
Anchored by its genius plan,
Pulling me under
Water green and blue
Wrapped in seaweed
Tangled in old fishing lines
Clouding my sight
Pulling me down
Lungs begging to breathe
Not willing to release
Not willing to fall
Struggling to rise
Above the water line
Of that moment.

Monica Angle's response to Karen Eckert's Poem "That Moment"

Monica Angle's "Tilt Toward the Sun"

“Tilt Toward the Sun”

by Karen Eckert

I was a complicated child.
Growing up frustrated and certain that I
Was left out.
I was desperate for fairness
Aggressively bossy
And fiercely loved.
“We don’t want to crush her spirit, we want to channel it”
Became the motto my parents lived by,
Corralling me into reading and writing and bugs
Kept in glass tanks
Lit up at night by a wide array of cords
Providing power.
There were roses in my backyard.
I would crush the velvet petals with my fingers and stuff them into a glass
Filled with pool water
Making my own perfume to sell.
Mixing the sharp tang of chlorine with the subtle wave of red,
Reminding me of sneaking out of bed,
When my father came home.
Jumping into the pool with pajamas on.
Swimming under the moonlight while my sister slept.
I laid in bed at night
Worried about the thoughts swallowing me under
Rarely satisfied
Watching the outline of the tree branches
Basked in moonlight
Against my wall.
My childhood was a wide array of colors
Bold and bright as if I were
Tilted toward the sun
Trapped under the weight of her spectrum
And angled against the clouds
Waiting for morning when I could
Disappear again into the breeze.

Poeta Timeline

August 2018
Karen Eckert came up with a twist on writing poetry from artworks, and realized that not only would it help her break through her writer’s block, but it could help her students learn to be more creative and take greater risks.

November 2018
Karen sent out 20 of her poems to 20 different artists and asked them to use the poems to inspire a new work of art, using the poem’s title as the artwork title.

In turn, she asked them to give her a work of art that she would use as inspiration for a poem, and using the artwork’s title as the poem’s title.

December 2018

Artwork was coming in in response to her poems and also for Karen to find inspiration from!

April 2019

Karen and the artists continue to work on the project, documenting their struggles, perseverance and creative progress.

October 2019

The group show opens at Buffalo Art Studios!

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