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Tricia Butski

Anne Muntges

Emily Churco

Evan Hawkins

Michael Mararian

Matt Grote ‘OGRE’

Sarah Liddell

Muhammad Zaman

Monica Angle

Peter Sowiski

Alexa Joan

Esther Neisen

Kelly Vetter

Markenzy Cesar

Group Show

The Group Show consists of 20 poems, poet Karen Eckert gave out to 20 established artists, and asked them to use the poem as inspiration for a new work of art, sharing the same title.  In addition, the artists gave a work of art to Karen and she used each as inspiration for a new poem, again sharing the same title.

All 40 poems and 40 artworks will be visible at the group show along with a community poem and a poetry reading!

October 8th 2019 to November 1st 2019

Buffalo Arts Studios

Tri-Main Center

2495 Main Street, Suite 500

Buffalo, NY

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