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The Poeta Project

This is a collaborative project between poet Karen Eckert and twenty established artists from around the United States.  Karen gave 16 of her poems to 16 artists who used the poems to inspire a new work of art.  In turn, the artists gave Karen a work which she used as inspiration for 16 new poems. All 64 works will be in a group show in October 2019 at Buffalo Arts Studios and used as the basis of unit plans for educators to replicate in their classrooms.

About Karen Eckert, Poet and Poeta Creator

I created The Poeta Project partly to inspire and reconnect with my own writing and partly as a need I saw in the high school students I taught.  The lack of risk taking, courage in being creative, and having fun with words was affecting us all.  I reached out to artists I knew and respected and asked them to join this project with me.  The poems I sent them represent the writer I was; the poems I created based on their artwork show growth and are proof that all artists need to be pushed and stretched in their genre, seeing their work and their inspiration in new and varied ways.  All 32 poems and 32 artworks can be seen in the upcoming group show.

~Karen Eckert, poet

Karen Eckert is a High School ELA teacher, mother of 3 teenagers, 4 pups and 1 cat.  She is an avid gardener and reader and spends what little free time she has managing her husband’s art career and websites.  Karen created Collect Art Online Art Gallery and successfully sold that after two years.  In addition to poetry, Karen has written 2 novels, multiple short stories, and is currently working on a non-fiction work of interviews.  You can learn more about her writing career on her website:

The Artists

The Group Show

October 8th 2019 to November 1st 2019

Buffalo Arts Studios

Tri-Main Center

2495 Main Street, Suite 500

Buffalo, NY

Karen Grant Pix-2 (1)

"Karen's writing amazes me. She can put into words exactly what you are feeling and thinking, but couldn't express. Bravo!"

A.J. Fries -

"Fantastic. Karen's poems touch on the heart of who we really are and echo with you after you've read them."

Anne Simmons

"Karen's novella, Monster, moved me. I finished the piece and then immediately wished she would write a sequel so I know where the characters go next!"

Marjorie Whittaker

Karen Eckert has an incredible ability to capture the nuances of being a woman. Both her essays and her poetry are raw, sensitive and moving."

Emily Tucker -

"This one had me stumped ... the flower was beautiful in a Seussical way but the spelling of "Cubes" was throwing me.  I ended up writing two complete poems and then combined them to create one I was happy with."

Karen, Poet

"I have been thinking about your poem, how an experience which depletes us then sends us outside to breathe and am trying to find the balance on this one to match your words.  Wanted enough light on the horizon."

Monica Angle, Artist

"Creative process for me includes:  staring into space, flipping through mags, dancing and singing out loud, eating M&M's, dozing, insomnia, organizing, cleaning brushes and actual artwork in between."

Markenzy Cesar, artist

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