What is The Poeta Project?

Phase One

Twenty one artists have been given one of my poems and their goal is to find inspiration, through genre, phrasing, character, plot, a single line, etc. and create a work of art from the poem.  Both the poem and the artwork will have the same title.  In turn, the artist will give me a work of art and I will find inspiration from, and create a poem, again sharing the title. 

The process of how I create the poems, and how the artists create their works, will be documented in a series of interviews to showcase how creative people begin a project, edit and revise their project, and recognize when a work is \’finished.\’ 

Phase Two

After all the artists have created a work from their assigned poem, and after I have created poems from the assigned artwork, there will be a group show of the written and visual art.  During the show, video, audio and written documentation from the interviews of the artists and their process will be playing. 

In addition, there will be one new work of art as part of an interactive piece.  Participants will have the chance to view the work, find inspiration, and write a line or two of poetry that they send to a hashtag or submit on a piece of paper at the event.  From there, I will compile the lines into one community poem based on the artwork and display that at the closing of the show. 

Phase Three

All of the artwork and poem pairings will be documented into a full color book that can be purchased, with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity.  The book will include brief artist bios with part of their interviews on the process of creating the work.

Lastly, I will be adapting the project into a unit plan that can be dropped into any high school ELA classroom as part of an ELA – Art class project, or just an ELA classroom project based on famous works of art and a poetry unit.

The goal is to inspire creativity, build an appreciation for the effort and practice that goes into creating art, and to inspire others to be creative.

Who We Are

The Poet Karen Eckert

I have been writing creatively since I was little but in the last 8 or 9 years I have begun to take my work more seriously. I have currently finished a full length young adult novel, 2 short stories, one of which won the Buffalo News Creative Short Story award, a novella, and many poems. I have done poetry readings and have had 3 poems published in local magazines and online. Currently I am working on a non-fiction book and a novel.

The Artists

Where We Are Headed

Group Show

Our group show will happen in the Spring!  All 42 poems and 42 works of art will be on display as well as an interactive poem for the community to write together.

Unit Plan

All of our process, interviews with artists and the poet, and how to adapt to a classroom setting will be comprised into a unit plan for educators by August of 2019.  

Book of Work

All the poems and artwork from the group show will be put together in a book available for purchase by August 2019.

Poetry in the Classroom

After the group show and unit plan, The Poeta Project hopes to inspire other poetry units in the classroom.  The second Poeta Project is the Gallery Walk.  Documentation from my classroom’s Gallery Walk will be coming in March of 2019!


  • “Creative process for me includes:  staring into space, flipping through mags, dancing and singing out loud, eating M&Ms, dozing, insomnia, organizing, cleaning brushes and actual artwork in between.”

    Markenzy Cesar, artist

  • “I have been thinking about your poem, how an experience which depletes us then sends us outside to breathe and am trying to find the balance on this one to match your words.  Wanted enough light on the horizon.”

    Monica Angle, Artist

  • “This one had me stumped … the flower was beautiful in a Seussical way but the spelling of “Cubes” was throwing me.  I ended up writing two complete poems and then combining them to create one I was happy with.”

    Karen, Poet

Want to learn more?  Or find out how you can help?  Reach out!